Run Like Health Interview

This weekend I was lucky enough to get interviewed by Jake over at Run Like Health.

Jake is a really awesome guy- he is a Dad, a husband, a vegan, and an age group triathlete who will be racing Pumpkinman Half Ironman in September.  He has a really awesome podcast that I always love to listen to.

I first met him when we were both volunteering for the Mid-Winter 10 Mile Classic.  We have communicated quite a lot on Twitter (@mainetriguy) and Daily Mile since then, and when he asked me if I was willing to be interviewed I jumped at the chance.

The interview is HERE.  You can also go to Run Like Health and click on Epi. 39 The Iron Girl from Caratunk in the lower right corner.


About caratunkgirl

Outdoor kid. Loves climbing mountains, mountain biking, floating down rivers, and all things outdoors.

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  1. Loved the podcast!! Great job by both of you and I am so happy I got to hear the ripped pants story in your own voice. haha!

  2. Great interview! I was waiting for the ‘college stripper’ quote! 🙂 Nice to hear about the experience ‘live’.

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