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Thursday Randomness

In the week or so since I finished Ironman Lake Placid, I have been in a bit of a happy fog.   Since I can’t seem to form a complete thought, here is some random stuff!

Random Thing #1

My coach is amazing.   First of all, she got me from a nervous wreck in November to the start line of IMLP full of confidence and ready to roll on July 24th.  Ange, thank you so so much!

But enough about me, lets talk a little more about her day at IMLP.

Because it was simply. Amazing.

Ange bringing it in to 1st place AG win at IMLP

Ange finished in 10:19:21

  • 1st in her Age Group
  • 2nd Overall Woman amateur
  • 7th overall woman (pros and amateurs combined)
  • 83rd overall (she beat 5 pro men!)
AND yes, she is KONA BOUND!  Congrats Ange!! I am so proud of you, your hard work really paid off!
Her race reports are so good, read them if you get a chance (SwimBikeRun)
Random Thing #2
And speaking of awesome, I was lucky enough to get to work the Maine Tri for a Cure  SBR Tri-Slide Pit Stop with the fabulous Jen!

Wow. I am short

It was so awesome to finally meet Jen after following her blog for so long.  Talk about positive, energetic and just plain ole FUN to be around!!  I wish we lived closer I think we are a pretty good match!   Hopefully we can get some training rides together either this fall or next spring.

She is currently training for Timberman 70.3 on August 21st (how many more days Jen?)

I know she is going to rock it!  I hope if all works out I can get there to hang out with her, Chrissie Wellington, and Chris Leito.   Until then, GO JEN!!

Random Thing #3

John and I are getting a puppy!

It is kind of a big thing for me.  I miss Bailey so much every day (I always will), and some days I think I am not ready, other times I think I am.  We decided it was time, but still I struggle with starting over and letting this new boy into my heart.

This little dude is going to be awesome in his very own way.

Adena knows all of this, and gave me the coolest pre-race present EVER.   She gave me a gift certificate for a Scout ID!!  I was so excited because I was definitely going to get one for the new guy.  Adena, thank you so so much!

AND. I have a gift code here to share with you all – it can be used for $1 off any Road ID product (this can be used up to 20 times, once per customer).

The code is: ThanksAmanda8171932 

Oh yeah.  The pup.  It is one of these (I know which one, but I am not telling. HINT – he has a nubby tail):


Muttley Monday & My Day Made

Bailey Likes…

Doesn’t he look cute with a dirty nose?

…burying bones.  I always think it is funny when he comes in the house with a dirty nose after I gave him a marrow bone to “chew and enjoy”.  He generally takes it right outside and buries it.  He does it in the winter too, but hides them in the snow instead.  He gets all kinds of surprises come spring when the snow melts, and I am always trying to get the stinking, rotting bone away from him, which he finds very disappointing.


I love when you get surprises at the post office (besides bills) and this morning I got one of the best surprises – a Kona postcard from Bryan from Training Payne.  Thank you so much Bryan, you totally made my day.

Some day I will be in that water on race day…

You rock too Bryan! See you at IMLP, only 271 days away!

Training Today
Well, since I am here writing, I might as well mention what my training plans are for today.

It is going to hurt.

Today my coach has a bike test (for HR, and other stuff) planned for me that I was supposed to do this AM but somehow didn’t hear my alarm and got up a little late to get that workout in.  Stupid dark until 7am is messing me up, I almost never miss the alarm.  I was looking forward to getting this on the books early, but alas, it will have to be after work.  I am looking forward to the workout, I really want to have a baseline to work from and actually be able to see my improvements in both HR and fitness levels.  But I think the fluffy bunny cave will be a little hellish today.  The direct quote from Ange “This is hard. Be prepared to work hard.”  SO the test will happen tonight after work and I will let ya know how it goes.