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Muttley Monday – Happy 4th of July!

Bailey celebrating the 4th

When I first got Bailey, John did something super awesome.  He made me a Bailey calender.  It is something I still treasure to this day.  This was the picture for July, which is one of my favorite pictures.  We sure miss you Bailey Boy.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day!  Here in Maine the sun is shining and I have a rest day!


Muttley Monday – Firsts

First Swim

First Snowmobile (ride)

First Beer

Rev 3 Quassy Race Report to come tomorrow!

Muttley Monday: First Hike

Bailey and I, Pleasant Pond Mountain, ME

Bailey went on his first hike at 12 weeks old.  It was April and my friend Tam and I hiked Pleasant Pond mountain.  I had to carry him most of the way up the mountain, he wasn’t into all of that work.  He let us take the above picture and quickly took a nap once we were at the top.

It is tiring being carried up a mountain

We all had a ball coming down, we all slid down the mountain mostly on our butts (including Bailey).