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Thursday Randomness

In the week or so since I finished Ironman Lake Placid, I have been in a bit of a happy fog.   Since I can’t seem to form a complete thought, here is some random stuff!

Random Thing #1

My coach is amazing.   First of all, she got me from a nervous wreck in November to the start line of IMLP full of confidence and ready to roll on July 24th.  Ange, thank you so so much!

But enough about me, lets talk a little more about her day at IMLP.

Because it was simply. Amazing.

Ange bringing it in to 1st place AG win at IMLP

Ange finished in 10:19:21

  • 1st in her Age Group
  • 2nd Overall Woman amateur
  • 7th overall woman (pros and amateurs combined)
  • 83rd overall (she beat 5 pro men!)
AND yes, she is KONA BOUND!  Congrats Ange!! I am so proud of you, your hard work really paid off!
Her race reports are so good, read them if you get a chance (SwimBikeRun)
Random Thing #2
And speaking of awesome, I was lucky enough to get to work the Maine Tri for a Cure  SBR Tri-Slide Pit Stop with the fabulous Jen!

Wow. I am short

It was so awesome to finally meet Jen after following her blog for so long.  Talk about positive, energetic and just plain ole FUN to be around!!  I wish we lived closer I think we are a pretty good match!   Hopefully we can get some training rides together either this fall or next spring.

She is currently training for Timberman 70.3 on August 21st (how many more days Jen?)

I know she is going to rock it!  I hope if all works out I can get there to hang out with her, Chrissie Wellington, and Chris Leito.   Until then, GO JEN!!

Random Thing #3

John and I are getting a puppy!

It is kind of a big thing for me.  I miss Bailey so much every day (I always will), and some days I think I am not ready, other times I think I am.  We decided it was time, but still I struggle with starting over and letting this new boy into my heart.

This little dude is going to be awesome in his very own way.

Adena knows all of this, and gave me the coolest pre-race present EVER.   She gave me a gift certificate for a Scout ID!!  I was so excited because I was definitely going to get one for the new guy.  Adena, thank you so so much!

AND. I have a gift code here to share with you all – it can be used for $1 off any Road ID product (this can be used up to 20 times, once per customer).

The code is: ThanksAmanda8171932 

Oh yeah.  The pup.  It is one of these (I know which one, but I am not telling. HINT – he has a nubby tail):


Rev3 Quassy Half Race Report

What a great weekend!! Rev3 really knows how to put on a race – from start to finish the entire experience was just awesome. Organized, professional, fun atmosphere, from check-in to the finish line, this race was just fantastic.  I am impressed with Rev3, I hope they continue to grow and challenge the MDot races.

On to the race report…


Mom (my sherpa) and I were up early to get to the race site.  We wanted primo parking!  And we got it.  I ate once we got there, a little after 5am.   Through training, my coach has convinced me to re-think my pre-long ride/run/race breakfast.   It has really been working for me (thanks Ange).

Had water and sports drink while setting up my transition and talking to people, I was very relaxed.  Michelle Ford came up and gave me a hug and wished me luck, that was really awesome because I really look up to her and it meant so much (she won her AG btw! Congrats!)

Speaking of transition – I know I posted these photos once already, but really check out the racks (BIKE RACKS Matty and John):

And the custom number/name sticker:

The other thing I thought was cool was the tattoo body numbering.  I forgot to take a picture of that, but check it out on Regina:

Anyway, back to my pre-race.  I had a gel and some water about 30 minutes pre-swim, just after the pros went.  Got into the water a little and swam to warm up.  The water was super warm, like mid 60’s at least.  Maybe warmer.

The Swim ~ 1.2 miles ~ 48:15 

Dear Tyr Hurricane 5, I love you.

Before I saw my time, I would have said that was my best race swim ever just by how I felt when I came out of the water – it wasn’t fast, but I didn’t feel like I was going to die.

So I think that is an improvement.

I positioned myself to the inside right of the group for some reason.  Well, the some reason was that I was talking (surprise) with this woman who was super nice and then all of a sudden it was go time.

I sighted well, I swam right next to all the buoys and never looked up and was like, facing out into the middle of the lake or anything (I take this as another improvement).  I didn’t stop at all which is unusual (except when some dude stopped dead in front of me and I ended up on top of him.  Sorry about that.)

Anyway, my take on the swim was that I did well, I came out of the water feeling great. Not at all dizzy or drained like I usually am.

T1 ~ 2:20

As usual for me, transition was a desert so it was very easy to see my bike.  Got to transition and did my thing.  My pre-race application of TriSlide made getting my Tyr Hurricane 5 wetsuit off a breeze.

Bike ~ 56 miles ~ 3:36

I felt good as soon as I got on the bike.  Usually I am like 15 minutes recovering from the swim – it wasn’t like that for me this time.

My plan was to practice and test my fueling for IMLP (only 46 days away!) and to not blow up on the challenging course.

A quick note about the bike.  If I were to use one word to describe it, it would be relentless.  It is constantly rolling, and the downs are really not enough to get you to the top of the uphills.  There are just these constant short steep climbs that can chip away at you if you let it.  Being the master of your gearing and pacing is key for this race (IMO).

I stayed within myself on this ride.  I really utilized my gearing, and I passed many people – especially after mile 40.  At that point, it was really chipping away at people, you could see it.   The thing that I learned is that mentally at least, for me, 56 miles is a short ride now – that helps in your race outlook for sure.

As for fueling, I had a gel at 10-15 min into the ride. I ate pretty much every 45 minutes on the dot.  I ate chopped up Cliff bar at 1h (that was heavenly).   Around 1h45 I dropped a gel, it just slipped out of my hands.  No problem, I decided to pick up a GU (that is what is on the course) at the next station for back up.  Then I forgot my plan and rode right by the mile 30 aid station (duh).

I thought, well, at mile 45 I will get my back up.  I had exactly 5 gels on my for the ride, and I know I needed those calories, being down one was going to be an issue.  I approached the mile 45 aid station and the gel guy had his back turned and wasn’t giving out gel.


SO.  I had my empty gel packs in my back pocket.  I took each one out and sucked every last ounce out of them (and SQUEEZED it like toothpaste).  It worked.

Oh. I peed on the bike.

T2 ~ 2:14

It was fine.  I forgot my speedlaces so I had to tie my shoes.

Run ~ 2:14:04

I actually felt really good coming out of the run.  I had grabbed 3 gels for the run in transition, I should have grabbed 4 (maybe from the one I missed on the bike)  I took a gel right off.  I saw Jon as I ran out of transition – I was so stoked to see him!  He took this video of me running out.

My first mile was at an 8:30 pace according to my Garmin. Slow down Mandy. Hills are coming.  If Ange says it is hilly, it is probably hell.

I settled into a comfortable 9:30 pace for the second mile.  Then the hills came.  I slowed down, but I passed quite a few people.  It seemed everyone was walking, I just kept grinding away as the dirt road wound up and up and up.

And up.

I would call the run a little relentless too, now that I think about it.

I walked the aid stations to make sure I got hydrated (I can’t run and drink without choking) I just walk enough to drink, dump water on my head and then keep going.  I took a gel every 45 again.  I felt good, even on the hills, just slower.   At mile 8 there is this nice long downhill stretch, I felt great and just ran strong – the splits for those 2 miles were sub 10.

I ran like this for the rest of the race, I had one down place around the mile 12 aid station, and I walked a little longer there and lost some time.  I got over it and started running again to the finish (which Jon also got on video.  Dude. You rock.  Thank you.)

Final time: 6:43:48 (HIM PR – tougher course)

Post Race:

Mom found me pretty quickly, and I introduced her to Jon (my videographer).  She shot a picture of us at the finish:

I love meeting up with my blogger friends!!

I feel good about this – I PR’d on a much tougher course.  I wish my swim was a little faster, but overall, I am happy with this race.  That was literally my 2nd swim in open water (I swam on Friday there, and I don’t count the polar dip as a swim) and I only swam 1x/week all winter – and to come out not being wiped is pretty awesome.

The best part of this experience for me was that I got to meet so many of my blogger buddies and Team Trakkers team mates.  Jon, Regina, Mark, Kacie, Jill, Mer, Kelly, Susanna, Josh, Kier, Jamie, Laura, Carole, Michelle – I look forward to seeing you all guys again in the very near future.

Next stop?  Lake Placid Fireman Ironman Camp!!

Caratunk Turkey Trot Race Report

We had gorgeous weather for the 4th annual Caratunk Turkey Trot.  There was a lot of hunter orange and plenty of smiles and laughter.  This year we had 22 people and 12 dogs participating.  Most people walked with their dogs (I did) but we had 4 runners this year who did the loop plus a little extra to make up a real 5k run.

Pre-trot chatter and smack talk, between the dogs ofcourse

A quick survey of the crowd determined that everyone was there who wanted to be there.  I rolled out the orange flagging tape and got in front of the crowd that had gathered at our little post office.  At the pre-race “speech” I welcomed everyone to the 4th Annual Caratunk Turkey Trot, thanked them all for coming, and wished them a happy Thanksgiving. 

I also laid out the ground rules, which were basically to have fun, and not get hit by a truck on Route 201.  I also reminded everyone what direction we were doing the loop and pointed out the “short cuts” if anyone wanted to bag out early (and yes, there was a penalty for that.  I don’t know what it was, but I just told them there would be a penalty).

Checking out the start/finish line flagging

Everyone there seemed really excited, and a few more cars pulled in to join us just before the start. 

One car stopped and ask us about the “Road Race” that was going on, and wondered if the road was closed for the race and if he could get through to the “other side of town.”  After some laughing, we told him no, the road wasn’t closed, but that we were looking for a pace car to notify spectators of the winning runners. 

He looked at us blankly for a second then burst out laughing.  Then we invited him to participate, he politely declined, wished us a Happy Thanksgiving, and drove off. 

Without further delay, we started the race.  My friend Cindy and I just said, “OK!! Ready? Set! GO GO GO!” and then we were off.

The start, just before a few more people showed up

Note the paparazzi on the right (it is a guy with a camera).  This is turning into a big event!

Coming down the town hill (where I do my hill repeats) for the final stretch

Heather, Tommy (the mighty biker), and Tucker at the finish

Happy boys, post race.  Ready for some turkey!
Bailey was the winning dog, of course, since I make the rules.

After the race everyone pretty much all skedaddled, they had turkeys to keep an eye on and families and friends coming.  We all talked a bit and hugged and wished each other a Happy Turkey Day.  Lots of people thanked me for organizing the race, and Marie, our post master, told me I should nominated the town’s morale officer, which I thought was really nice and made me feel especially good.

I hope everyone had an awesome day yesterday!