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Thursday Randomness

In the week or so since I finished Ironman Lake Placid, I have been in a bit of a happy fog.   Since I can’t seem to form a complete thought, here is some random stuff!

Random Thing #1

My coach is amazing.   First of all, she got me from a nervous wreck in November to the start line of IMLP full of confidence and ready to roll on July 24th.  Ange, thank you so so much!

But enough about me, lets talk a little more about her day at IMLP.

Because it was simply. Amazing.

Ange bringing it in to 1st place AG win at IMLP

Ange finished in 10:19:21

  • 1st in her Age Group
  • 2nd Overall Woman amateur
  • 7th overall woman (pros and amateurs combined)
  • 83rd overall (she beat 5 pro men!)
AND yes, she is KONA BOUND!  Congrats Ange!! I am so proud of you, your hard work really paid off!
Her race reports are so good, read them if you get a chance (SwimBikeRun)
Random Thing #2
And speaking of awesome, I was lucky enough to get to work the Maine Tri for a Cure  SBR Tri-Slide Pit Stop with the fabulous Jen!

Wow. I am short

It was so awesome to finally meet Jen after following her blog for so long.  Talk about positive, energetic and just plain ole FUN to be around!!  I wish we lived closer I think we are a pretty good match!   Hopefully we can get some training rides together either this fall or next spring.

She is currently training for Timberman 70.3 on August 21st (how many more days Jen?)

I know she is going to rock it!  I hope if all works out I can get there to hang out with her, Chrissie Wellington, and Chris Leito.   Until then, GO JEN!!

Random Thing #3

John and I are getting a puppy!

It is kind of a big thing for me.  I miss Bailey so much every day (I always will), and some days I think I am not ready, other times I think I am.  We decided it was time, but still I struggle with starting over and letting this new boy into my heart.

This little dude is going to be awesome in his very own way.

Adena knows all of this, and gave me the coolest pre-race present EVER.   She gave me a gift certificate for a Scout ID!!  I was so excited because I was definitely going to get one for the new guy.  Adena, thank you so so much!

AND. I have a gift code here to share with you all – it can be used for $1 off any Road ID product (this can be used up to 20 times, once per customer).

The code is: ThanksAmanda8171932 

Oh yeah.  The pup.  It is one of these (I know which one, but I am not telling. HINT – he has a nubby tail):


Thursday Randomness

Maine likes to focus on really important things…
You know, things like naming the Whoopie Pie Maine’s State Dessert Treat before Pennsylvania can.

You see, this is very important for state officials to spend tax payer-funded time on.  I mean really, compared to job creation, welfare reform, financial reform, and childhood obesity, I can see how spending time and money on the Whoopie Pie is of utmost importance to the future of the state.  

For those of you that don’t know what a Whoopie Pie is, basically it is two halves of chocolate cake filled with lard or shortening and sugar frosting. And it fits in your hand, so it is very convenient to chow down on the run.   Maine thinks the Whoopie Pie was invented in 1925 in Maine at LaBree’s Bakery in Old Town. The problem is, Pennsylvania is pretty sure that the Whoopie Pie was created in their state by the Amish sometime in the mid-1800’s, and they are very wound up about Maine wanting to claim the Whoopie Pie as their own.

I mean, really, look how angry these protesters are:


We can thank Maine Rep. Paul Davis (R – Sangerville) for sponsoring this bill.  Or really, he can thank us since we are paying for it. 

Cupcake Marathon
Just to show that I am not anti-dessert (I am just anti-our government wasting taxpayer money on a dessert) I am really excited to tell you I am signed up for the Cupcake Marathon over at Jason’s blog CookTrainEatRace. You need to check out this virtual marathon (or half marathon)!  He and Christel have collected a bunch of sponsors for the race.  It is free to enter and you run the distance over 2 weeks in March.

Team Fight Raffle!
Have you visited Ben’s blog yet?  You really should.  He is an awesome super inspiring guy.  He is doing Rev3 Cedar Point this year as his first Ironman distance race.  As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, he is working to raise $1500 for TEAM FIGHT.  He has put together an amazing raffle with some fantastic prizes.  Check it out HERE. 

So..that is what great recovery is all about..
I started using First Endurance nutrition a year ago.  I used the EFS drink and liquid shot last season and loved it, using it exclusively in my races (I did live off the land -use what was on the race course- some in my Half Ironman).  I had used Ultragen a bit last year (I scored a sample from a friend – sample being a few scoops from their supply into a baggie) and I really loved it.  I didn’t have enough to try long term to really test it out, but had decided that I was going to get some for the upcoming season because I really liked their products.

Needless to say, I was THRILLED when I found out that First Endurance is a Team Trakkers sponsor for 2011.  I have been using Ultragen after my workouts for the past few weeks, and I have got to say – the stuff is seriously freaking awesome.  After hard workouts, I do not get as sore or tired as I did in the past.  This lets me hit the next workout stronger (and more mentally ready since I am not as tired) than I was before.  I like the Cappuccino, it mixes well with water and is super yummy.

Ironman Build Starts Next Week…
I got an email from my coach telling me to expect an increase in volume as “things are starting to build.”  This week is a recovery week so the volume will be pretty low.  I am eager for the snow to melt and to get outside on my bike.  I really want to take a quick run to go for a swim instead of driving 90 minutes one way.  All this makes me appreciate the summer that much more.  The days are getting longer, and it will get here, I just am feeling a bit…impatient. 

142 days until Ironman Lake Placid

Feburary numbers
Swim: 12,300 yds (lets not talk about hours driving)
Bike: 279 miles (17 hours)
Run:  52 mile (13 hours)
XC Ski: 16 miles

Fired Up

I have been on fire this week, thanks mostly to my friend Callie’s email. 

I have a bunch of friends who are putting a team together for the Tuckerman Inferno and we are looking for a female biker…I thought of you.

Doesn’t that just give me the warm fuzzies!  Callie is one of my favorite people who I never get to see, so that makes this that much more awesome.  I immediately replied and said heck yes I would LOVE part of her Tuckerman Inferno Pentathlon team. 

The race is as follows:

  • 8.3 mile run
  • 6 mile kayak
  • 18 mile bike (2000 feet of climbing)
  • 3.5 mile hike to the bowl of Tuckermans 
  • a hike up the rest of the bowl of Tucks, then a final ski down a GS course over the left gully to the finish line. 

Last year’s handbook is HERE if you are interested in the details.

See those little hikers? This photo from the 2006 Inferno

For those of you that might not know, Tuckerman Ravine is part of Mount Washington, a pretty unique and awesome place.  Funds from the race help Friends of Tuckerman to preserve and protect the unique alpine and sub-alpine eastern slopes of Mount Washington and work in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service to sustain the traditional uses of this distinctive area.

This race has been on my radar for a long time, and I always thought the most fun way to do this race would be with a team.  The problem is, what I consider fun is really different than what most of my friends consider fun…so the idea of this race would appeal to most of them about as much as drinking bleach.  So I never got a team together – but I sure am thankful that Callie and her friends did. 

As you saw, I will be on the bike leg.  The other fun thing is that there is this other team of friends that also has 4 women and 1 guy so there is a little friendly competition going on.  The slower team has to buy dinner for the faster team.  Smack talk going around already, it is a hoot. 

I am really psyched about this, it gives me something a little closer than IMLP (only 247 days away!) to be busting my butt all winter to work towards (like I need another reason, right?)

Hard Core
Speaking of working hard, I have been a bit remiss in my strength work up until the last few weeks.  I especially have been lame in the ab/core department (I know! I know – it is essential for base strength, I need to do it, blah blah).  One thing that I have found that has really helped me “get on it” is Jamoosh’s Hard Core Club’s ab workouts that I found last week.

I am up to one week in a row of doing this every other day at this point, so I am on a roll.

I am working on the beginner core routine, and it was really good.  I plan on doing these 3-4 times a week, they workout does not take much time and it is pretty easy to fit into your routine.  I think I will be adding in the intermediate core fairly soon, because although I have been lame working my core, I haven’t be a complete dolt, I mean, I randomly have done a crunch or a plank or two here and there.  I know, lame.

What is great is that the added exercises here hit all the parts of your core and back and are really awesome.  Check it out HERE.  Thank you Jamoosh for helping me stay motivated!